Bridge to Hope is committed to fighting hunger in our local community by distributing groceries and personal products each month, a service many depend on inorder to provide enough food for their family.

Our Food Distribution program provides staple foods, fresh produce, meat, and personal hygiene products because the high cost of housing often means families have to choose between skipping a few meals and keeping the lights on or getting their medicine.

We serve over 200 households per month, the vast majority of them are currently employeed.

"In 2016 we provided 20,368 bags to households in need"

Our Community Kitchen serves nutritious hot meals in an uncoventional and welcoming fashion. In order to preserve the dignity of our clients, we offer this service in a social event style that people look forward to attending. At Bridge to Hope, it's our personal touch that makes the difference.

You can help! Make a one-time gift, Sponor a Family for $25.00 a month,or join one of our Giving Circles today. To contact us with your donations or questions regarding this program please send an email to us at