New Food Distribution Center Donation Request


We have a super exciting announcement!

For the first time in 30 years, we now have our own space to help the community even more. Even with all the amazing work we\'ve been doing for the community over the last 30 years, we were operating part-time out of other people's locations. We were able to positively change thousands of lives, imagine what we will do operating full-time from our own location while servicing other BRIDGE TO HOPE Service Hubs in the county.

About Us:

Bridge To Hope provides services & programs designed to bridge the gap left to self-sufficiency for low-income and in-crisis families through a comprehensive set of programs and services, that raise the quality of life and standard of living, and to restore dignity, and hope to those in need.

Why We Started

Originally called Not By Bread Alone, this organization was founded in 1988 to supply cleaning and personal hygiene products to food stamp recipients.  As we learned more about the effects of poverty on the family we began to expand into other areas of outreach.  Our vision is to give people a way out instead of a handout; to be a source of inspiration and encouragement.  We believe that if we help those in our community who have the least, we not only improve their quality of life, but we strengthen the whole community.

Our Impact

  • 1 million dollars in housewares have been given to families in need.
  • 3000 backpacks plus additional school supplies given to children.
  • We provided 120 computers and distributed more than 5000 books.
  • Provides 7500 meals annually.
  • Distributes over 40,000 bags of food annually.
  • + A Lot More programs to positively impact our community.

We Need Your Help

We have done the heavy lifting to get the new space, we now need your help to custom build-out space with precisely what we need to effectively serve our community. Space will help us to:

    • Serve more days of the week
    • Reach more people
    • Provide more meals annually
    • Distribute more bags of food
    • Create more programs
    • Create more service hubs in the county
    • Provide more help
    • Do more activities
    • Give more!

Donate Today

Impact Statement

Pantry Build Out Total $24,500

  • Walk-in Cooler $10,000 - RECEIVED
  • Pallet Racks and Shelving - We need 4 units at $350 per unit
  • Pallet Shelf gate system (required for USDA food storage) $500
  • Pallet Fork Lifter $3500
  • AC for pantry $5500 Air Handler, Compressor, Ducting and installation
  • Electrical Work - lighting, installation for equipment, circuit breakers (Labor $2000 AND Supplies $500)
  • Security Equipment $1000
  • Mini Split AC for office $750
  • Lumber and joists $450
  • Dry Wall $200
  • Internet Installation $99
  • Paint $160
  • Bathroom fixtures $250
  • Sliding doors $750
  • Insulation - $250
  • Labor $2000

New Food Distribution Center Donation Request