Hurricanes have a devastating impact on our state and our community. Ian and Nicole have ravaged huge portions of Florida. Oftentimes, even years later the devastation can still be seen and felt. Our most vulnerable citizens; the elderly, the disabled, and low/moderate-income families are usually impacted the worst. That's why we are once again providing relief and recovery support by sending supplies into the most vunerable and forgotten communities.

Some are wondering how they will recover without the resources they need. At Bridge to Hope, we are working on #solutionsnotslogans to ensure that critical resources remain available and families have the support they need to find new housing or repair their damaged homes following devastating hurricane losses.

We are here, ready to help with recovery. As hundreds reach out to us for help, we welcome your participation and value your partnership in assisting in the ongoing recovery efforts. Together we can recover #floridastrong.

Thank you 3rd Wave Volunteers, and thank you Balsam Hills, The Weather Channel, Peacock Foundation, The Miami Foundation, InFaith Foundation, Mattress Firm, Gray-Robinson Attorneys At Law, and Woman's Fund Miami-Dade for supporting our relief efforts over the years.


Bridge To Hope operates on philanthropic contributions from organizations and people like you.